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A Troubleshooting Guide to Garage Door Opener Repair

Want to keep your garage door opening smoothly and safely? Maintain a well working garage door opener. That’s the machine that does all the work after all. And considering most of us use our garage doors 2 to 3 times per day, that adds up to a thousand times per year. That’s a lot of […]

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The Benefits of an Overhead Door for Customer Facing Businesses

Should you consider an overhead garage door for your business? For restaurants, breweries, and coffee houses, it’s become a very fashionable trend to use overhead doors in place of windows because they can easily be opened to the outside. This way, guests can enjoy the sunny weather of El Dorado Hills. There are numerous garage door options for customer facing businesses that are quite attractive. Aluminum doors with windows are a highly popular choice. Other businesses that could benefit from an overhead garage door include plant nurseries, car dealerships, and even libraries and bookstores.