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How To Stop Your Garage Door’s Rattling Noise

Your garage door is likely one of your home’s most valuable components. The garage door is key in securing your car and also serves as the largest entryway. Overtime, things can naturally break down, resulting in hiccups. While it’s easy to ignore minor issues, you should keep an eye out for any strange noises that […]

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Add Garage Door Opener Repair to Your Wildfire Prep Checklist

It’s more important than ever to prepare your household for natural disasters, and in California, wildfires are the most threatening. Updating the type of garage door and garage door opener you have in your home should be added to your checklist. Battery-powered garage door openers are more reliable than electric in this case, since the […]

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A Troubleshooting Guide to Garage Door Opener Repair

Want to keep your garage door opening smoothly and safely? Maintain a well working garage door opener. That’s the machine that does all the work after all. And considering most of us use our garage doors 2 to 3 times per day, that adds up to a thousand times per year. That’s a lot of […]

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Storefront Door Repair for Warped Doors

As a business owner, it’s important to stay on top of your storefront door and ensure it is operating properly. One common storefront door repair that plagues businesses in hot climates is warped doors. An aluminum storefront door can be warped and out of shape, forcing the materials to expand due to heat. A warped door can become difficult to open and won’t operate as smoothly as it will be out of shape when compared to its frame. To fix a storefront door, contact a repair service company to find and install a replacement that is made of stronger materials.