Want a Longer Running Garage Door? A How-To Guide to Smooth Operation

Think about how much you depend on your garage door for security, safety, and convenience. It opens at the touch of the button so you can always store and access your car. It keeps your house secure from burglars and neighborhood thieves. It’s a several hundred pound object you use several times a day, roughly a thousand times per year, but if working smoothly you know your vehicles, kids and pets are always safe.

That’s why maintaining a well working garage door is so important. It really is a matter of life or death. It’s also important for security and convenience. And the smoother your garage door operates, the longer it will last and the fewer repair issues you’ll have overtime.

A Quality Door Is So Important

That’s why first investing in a quality garage door is so important. If you are considering installing a new garage door, think of it as an investment — you get out what you put in. A higher quality door has intrinsic benefits. For one thing, it will last longer, so you get more use for your money. For another, it adds more value to your home. A new garage door can significantly improve the value of your home: The better the door, the greater the improved equity you’ll reap.

Regular Servicing

We strongly suggest you don’t ignore your door. Don’t wait until something’s wrong with it to pay attention to garage door repair. Get it inspected by a garage door professionally regularly. This can help spot potential repair problems ahead of time so you can deal with the problem before the door is broken. You’ll avoid repair issues, and your door will last longer.

Fix Problems Immediately

If you notice an issue with your garage door, have it fixed immediately. Don’t put it off. Always expect a problem to grow worse over time. A garage door repair issue will get more expensive, and maybe even end up causing serious damage to your garage door if ignored. Be proactive and try to spot garage door problems ahead of time with regular inspection. And if you should notice an issue, have it dealt with by a professional immediately.

Go Easy on Your Garage Door

Garage doors can seem indestructible until they aren’t. Go easy on it. Open and close it gently. Keep it well oiled and tighten it up occasionally. The better you take care of your door, the longer it will last.

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Garage Door Repair or Replacement? Issues to Consider

Is it time for a new garage door or can your garage door be repaired? Most doors need to be replaced every 30 years. The average homeowner will replace at least one garage door during their lifetime. Most openers last about 12 years, so you’ll likely need to replace the opener at least once during the lifespan of the door. Loud garage doors will usually operate much quieter when they’ve been properly oiled. You can also tighten down any loose bolts for a significantly quieter garage door. On the other hand, if your garage door is missing two or more panels, you should consider replacement. Also if your garage door has appearance issues that a coat of paint won’t cure, you might consider installing a new one.