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Garage Door Repairs Can Take Time 

Rarely do things break during a convenient time. Modern life is so busy, adding repairs into the mix can take away precious time that could be dedicated to friends, families, and hobbies. Unlike other minor repairs around the house, a garage door messing up requires immediate attention, especially if your car is stuck inside and […]

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How Much Will Your Garage Door Repair Cost?

Here’s the deal: Sure, some minor garage door repairs you can do yourself, like tightening the bolts as a routine maintenance. But many repairs will require the expertise of a professional. And yes, there will be some costs. How much a garage door repair will cost depends on the nature and complexity of the repair, […]

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Keeping Your Garage Door Balanced

Most homeowners use their garage door multiple times a day, which can add up to almost a thousand times per year. The door will naturally go through wear and tear, especially if it is not routinely maintained or repaired. One of the most common repairs that garage doors go through is doors being unbalanced. Your […]

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Important Things to Check to Diagnose Your Noisy Garage Door

Lubricate all moving parts: Look at the infrastructure of your garage door and identify the moving parts, like the rollers, trolley carriage, hinges and springs. Any time you have metal moving against metal, it needs to be lubricated every so often to lessen friction and slow the degradation of the metal. There’s nothing wrong with […]

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Garage Door Repair: Why Did My Door Get Stuck?

It never fails. You’re running out the door, juggling coffee and your laptop, when you push the button to open your garage door and it gets stuck halfway — no sign of budging. Welcome to the world of emergency garage door repairs. Stubborn garage doors are common. They can get stuck for any number of […]

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A Troubleshooting Guide to Garage Door Opener Repair

Want to keep your garage door opening smoothly and safely? Maintain a well working garage door opener. That’s the machine that does all the work after all. And considering most of us use our garage doors 2 to 3 times per day, that adds up to a thousand times per year. That’s a lot of […]

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Insulation Benefits In Modern Garage Doors

Upgrading to a modern overhead door can bring with it certain advantages, like cheaper air conditioning bills. Garage doors have evolved over the years, with manufacturers emphasizing importance on proper insulation. Newer garage doors propose higher R-value, which means you can expect less heat and cold seeping through your door. Expect your air conditioning bill to drop as well-insulated garage doors can keep the heat out during summer. Your home will cool much faster and use less energy to do so. When finding a new garage door, be on the lookout for doors that have an R-value of R-12 or R-16 – they’ll keep your home greatly insulated.