Add Garage Door Opener Repair to Your Wildfire Prep Checklist

It’s more important than ever to prepare your household for natural disasters, and in California, wildfires are the most threatening. Updating the type of garage door and garage door opener you have in your home should be added to your checklist. Battery-powered garage door openers are more reliable than electric in this case, since the latter can be struck useless when wildfires hit and the power goes out. Tragically, there have been numerous elderly folks falling victim to disabled garage-door entrapment, unable to open their garage door manually and escape the dire emergency.

Plan for battery-backup upgrade when replacing or repairing garage door

More than just a precaution, making the battery-backup adjustment is now necessary to abide by a California law (established July 2019) carrying a $1000 penalty. Initially, homeowners were disappointed to discover that transitioning from electric to battery-powered openers can come at a cost, with the battery-powered price ringing in at $500, as opposed to the electric option running around $200. But more affordable battery backup kits are now available. Large or small, this is an expense to be prepared for if you are repairing or replacing your garage door for an unrelated reason. Money well spent in a matter of life and death, especially considering the most recent wildfires (late summer of 2020) have ravaged a record-setting number of acres. Peace of mind is worth the price, many homeowners agree, especially since battery-powered openers are not only more reliable in case of fire, but also amidst floods and hurricanes.

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How To Know When It’s Time For Garage Door Replacement

If your garage door is noisy, sagging, or suddenly seems heavier, you’ll probably be able to get by with tune-ups and repairs. Moving parts can be lubricated, springs can be balanced, and bolts can be tightened. If your garage door is an eyesore, dangerous to pets and children, worn, damaged and constantly needing attention, it might be time to replace old with new. No need to wait until your door is on its last leg, however. With a 97% ROI, replacing instead of repairing is money well-spent.