Know Your Garage Door Inside and Out 

If you have a garage door, chances are that it’s broken once or twice over the last few years. With a quick call to a garage door repair company, it was likely fixed within a few hours. You really don’t pay attention to overhead doors until something goes wrong. And when things do go wrong, it can make life difficult. If your garage door is giving you persistent issues, it can be worthwhile to learn about key parts that can impact the entire system. The average overhead door is made up of dozens of parts, all of which work together to create a seamless experience. 

But not all garage door parts are created equal. Some are far more important than others. While you can always replace hinges and tighten down loose nuts and bolts, there are a few that parts that just can’t be easily replaced or repaired. Read on to find out more about your overhead door and what you can do to maintain it. 

The Garage Door Opener 

The garage door opener is the most important part of your overhead door. It’s responsible for opening and closing the door automatically. When you push the button on your garage door opener, it sends a signal to the opener which then activates the door. The overhead garage door opener is connected to the door by a series of springs, pulleys, and cables. These parts work together to open and close the door in a swift manner. Because it works in tandem with the other key overhead door parts, should it malfunction, your door is essentially useless. Garage door opener repair is fairly easy and can take a professional anywhere between thirty minutes to two hours to complete. 

Garage door opener replacement is also a quick installation and can have added benefits to your home’s security. Since the advent of smartphones, “smart” technology has been used to beef up otherwise simple door openers. In the last few years, homeowners have been able to use low-cost, energy efficient door openers that can be used via phone apps. They allow you to remotely open, close, and even lock the overhead door. Should you forget to lock or close the door, the app allows you to do so, hundreds of miles away with a push of a button. These apps come with a variety of different features, depending on the manufacturer and model you choose. It’s a simple upgrade that will pay dividends during an actual emergency. 

Garage Door Springs

The springs are the most important part of the door opener. They’re what provide the power to open and close the door. Without them, the overhead door opener wouldn’t be automatic. It’s important to note that garage door springs are also extremely dangerous if tampered with. Repairs and replacements should be only be handled by garage door repair companies. The reason is that garage door springs can snap, which can hurt you, and cause the overhead door to come crashing down. This sentiment extends to both types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs.

Torsion springs are located above the door and they provide the power to open the door. Torsion springs rotate thanks to torque and require less energy to be used, meaning they’ll last far longer than their extension counterparts. Torsion springs are known to be quieter as well due to their rotation system. Beyond that, they’ll put less wear and tear on your door as they don’t vibrate, which will mean your overhead door should last long.  

Extension springs are located on either side of the door and they help to balance the door as it opens and closes. These are cheaper than torsion springs because they wear out faster, as they expand and contract with each use. Because of their method of movement, they can create some noise and shake the door, which can shift things out of alignment. That being said, they’re still great springs and a worthwhile option if you have overhead door restraints. 

Speak with the best garage door repair companies in your area about installing a two-spring system. Most households only have one spring attached to the overhead door. However, two springs can take the pressure off of each other, resulting in both doing the so-called “heavy lifting.” The added benefits are that your garage door springs will go through less wear and tear, which in turn will lead to smoother door operation. Plus: less repairs, which puts more money back into your pockets. 

Garage Door Repair & Installation 

By now you should know that the garage door opener and springs are some of the most important parts of the overhead door. Without them, we would still be lifting up doors like our grandparents. Because these garage door parts are so intricate (and dangerous), we should save time and effort by having garage door repair companies handle them. Working with professionals afford us the opportunity to not worry about things going wrong or getting damaged. It’s a simple investment for peace of mind. 

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Concerned About the Security of your Garage Door?

Though a high-quality garage door, installed and maintained by professionals, is likely to be the most secure door to your house, there’s a few things you can do to ensure it remains impenetrable. Keep your garage door closed and locked at all times when not in use. Check that all of the screws and bolts are secure as part of your regular maintenance. Install an alarm system to alert you if someone tries to enter your garage, ideally with a smart lock that can be activated remotely. Finally, keep the remote control on your person when you are away from home and never leave it in your car. By following these tips, you can ensure that your garage door remains secure and private.