Garage Door Opener Battery Need Replaced? Here’s a Guide to Doing It Yourself

There’s nothing more annoying than the chinese-water-torture-type ominous beep, warning you when any number of household electronics are about to die. While we’re more familiar with the aggravating chirp of a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector, your garage door opener sends signals this way too — time to replace the backup battery in your garage door opener! This is a task that can easily be done yourself, following the instructions below, which apply to Craftsman, Chamberlain and Liftmaster garage openers.

Stop the beep!

You can order a backup battery replacement on Amazon. And while you wait for it to arrive, there’s even a way to silence the warning tone. Simply unplug the unit from the ceiling, disconnect the battery, and plug the unit back in. This will now stop the chirping until you get around to replacing it. Hopefully the arrival of that Amazon package will remind you of this task, so that you don’t let it slip your mind.

A 10-15-minute task

All you will need for this 10-15-minute task is a stepladder, Phillips screwdriver and gloves. First, unplug the garage opener unit from the outlet. Remove the light lens (usually a frosted, plastic covering), by pressing the two tabs found on each side. Remove the lightbulb that blocks the compartment cover, and remove the Phillips head screw from the battery compartment door. Use the wires to pull out the old battery and disconnect the wire from the terminals. Put the new battery into the compartment and reconnect the wires, red to red and black to black. Push the battery in the rest of the way, and replace the compartment door. Next replace the Phillips head screw, the lightbulb, the light lens, and plug the garage door opener back into the ceiling. You’ve now put the beeping to an end, and ensured your garage door opener will be backed up by battery power in case the power goes out.

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