Why 2 Garages is a Genius Home Improvement Idea

Why-2-Garages-is-a-Genius-Home-Improvement-IdeaSure, your wife thinks you’re crazy, but you might be onto something, especially when you cut her in on the deal. Two garages are actually better than one. Not only that, but it’s an absolute genius of an idea. You’ll both wonder why you never did it sooner.

With one garage, the space is typically dedicated to car storage, especially during the wintertime. Maybe you use it as storage for tools and family memorabilia. But it’s rarely a livable space, much less an enjoyable space. When you’ve got two garages, you can dedicate one to fun, hobbies, and relaxation. Just be sure the wife also gets to use some space how she wants, and everybody wins.

Turn Part of the Garage into a Relaxation Den

The garage can be a very social space when there’s room to stretch your legs. And given the mild winters in El Dorado Hills, you can use it year round. Install a bar, some comfy furniture, a TV and stereo system. Go all out. Enjoy nice weather easier in a decked out garage space designed for relaxation.

Furnish an Exercise Area/ Workout Den/ Yoga Studio

Why waste money on a gym membership you’ll never use? When you have your own exercise area installed in a second garage, it’s right there. There’s no commute to and from the gym. You can exercise at your leisure when you have the time. Put in some weights, a treadmill or a rowing machine. If you plan to do Yoga, install a comfortable floor, deck the walls with some relaxing tapestries, and put in a tranquility fountain. Make it your own.

You might consider installing a new garage door that has ample windows so you have plenty of natural light. It eases the mind, is great for meditation, and inspires exercise.

Like Refurbishing Antique Cars?

With 2 garages, you’ve got plenty of space to dedicate to your antique car hobby. You can install secure garage doors for extra security. There’s also plenty of space to store tools, lifts, and parts.

Increase the Value of Your Home

We talk a lot of on this blog about how a new garage door has one of the biggest returns on investment for any home improvement project. Adding a second garage does wonders to the property value of your home. It’s perfect for a family that has lots of cars, or a car enthusiast who has the weekday driver and the weekend sportster. A second garage gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

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