Thinking of Installing a New Garage Door with Windows? Here are the Pros and Cons

Thinking about installing a garage door? It’s an important decision with lots of choices. There are so many options available! Should you get a wooden door, a wood composite door or a steel or aluminum door? Should it be insulated? Should the garage door have extension or torsion springs? What color do you want it to be?

And yet another critical question to ask: should your newly installed garage door have windows?

There are advantages and concerns when it comes to getting a garage door with windows installed. Here’s what you might want to consider.

Natural Light for a More Open & Welcoming Feel

The primary advantage to windows in a garage door is the natural light. It makes your whole garage feel more open and inviting. You can work inside with the door shut and not have to worry about light. Windows are also nice if you plan on using your garage as a makeshift greenhouse to grow starter plants for your garden.

The natural light can also warm your garage which can save on your heating costs in the winter — even in El Dorado Hills, California.

Design & Aesthetics

There’s a decorative appeal to windows that can really add to the design of your home and garage. What’s more, there are a number of beautiful styles available that can really add a sense of taste and class to your home. There are a wide variety of options and patterns depending on the look you are going for.

Security Concerns

The biggest drawback to windows on a garage door is the lack of privacy — which can also be a security issue. Neighbors can see in your garage — but more alarmingly so can thieves, especially when you are not home. If you are concerned, you can always choose tinted, frosted or mirrored windows that still allow natural light without the garage interior being visible from the outside.

Efficiency Concerns

Windows aren’t very well insulated which can affect your heating and cooling costs. They offer little protection against extreme temperatures.

Factors to Consider

If you should decide on windows in your new garage door, be careful of being too cheap. Higher quality glass and frames are worth it both from visual appeal and an energy efficiency concerns. These windows will have a tighter seal from moisture and temperature changes. Real glass is also important. It will be more scratch resistant than imitation glass.

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