New Garage Door? 3 Installation Upgrades to Consider

Want to improve the performance of your garage door? If you are considering installing a new garage door, it may be worth upgrading and improving your game. Here are our top 3 upgrades for improved garage doors.

Heavy Insulation

You live in El Dorado Hills, California and don’t need insulation? Yeah right. The truth is that a well insulated garage door keeps out the heat in hot climates as well as it keeps out the cold in wintry conditions. This means that in the hot summer, your home will be easier to cool. This will help you save on your electricity bill.

Get an Impact Resistant Garage Door

Older doors just aren’t that impact resistant. They dent easily. Overtime, it really shows. (In fact, dented and banged up garage doors are the most common reason for new garage door installation.) Fortunately, newer garage doors are designed to be impact resistant. This is great if you’ve got kids. It’s worth investing in a higher quality door because it will be dent resistant and will last a lot longer.

Battery Backup

In El Dorado Hills, California, battery backup is required on all new doors. This became law this year in an effort to address wildfire concerns. This way, your door will open even when the power’s out. Honestly, it’s a great feature to have and worth installing as an upgrade even if you don’t get a new door. Whether you live in California where it’s required or you have an older door, battery backup is just a matter of convenience.

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Roll Up Door vs Overhead Garage Door

Is your home decor more on the traditional side or modern style? Maybe it’s a mix of both. If you’re looking for aesthetic appeal, a sectional garage door or a wood roll up is the perfect pick. Plus, a roll up door is unique and adds curb appeal. A rolling steel door, also known as an overheard entry door, coils up above the door opening so it stores in a compact area. This makes up for any missing room that would be designated for a roll up door. This can also suit your storage needs as it won’t block anything hanging or draping over the ceiling slats. With stronger gauge steel and smaller slat sections, an overhead garage door can offer more security to your home or business.