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5 DIY Garage Door Repairs to Cut Your Energy Costs

After California suffered its worst wildfire year in history, the realities of climate change have become undeniable. We all want to do our part. The good news is that going green is not only great for the environment — it does wonders for your budget. By making your garage door more environmentally friendly, you’ll spend […]

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Repair Overhead Garage Door: How to Tighten a Slack Garage Door Chain

The chain on a chain-driven garage door opener should have a little slack. Overtime, however, a chain can become too loose. The gear or sprocket assembly might wear out. The chain may break off the sprockets. Fortunately this overhead garage door repair can be easily done with a simple adjustment mechanism. Your chain is attached to a threaded anchor. This can be moved in or out to adjust as needed. It’s a dirty job because of the lubrication on the chain, but one that’s fairly simple and straightforward nonetheless. Start by disengaging the opener and closing the door manually. Put your opener on the close cycle until the motor stops spinning. You may want to just unplug it. Pry the cover of the sprocket off with the end of a screwdriver. Locate the anchor at the end of the track. Loosen the nuts to loosen the chain and tighten again so there are no twists in the chain.