3 Garage Door Styles Trending Right Now

Finally, you’ve purchased a new home with awesome garage space. Or perhaps you’re a new business owner who needs some re-design ideas for the newly acquired property. A brand new garage door can be the perfect addition or renovation you’ve been yearning for. With so many options to choose from, what’s a modern garage door design that can remain both elegant and timeless?

A Style That Compliments Your Home

You can customize a garage door to be the perfect fit in size, paint color or wood stained; plus have additions like extra doors or windows added. But what is the perfect style door that can match the exterior of your home? Some property owners feel like adding some pop or vibrant color to the home by adding a bold paint color or an overhead style garage door instead. Whatever design you choose, make sure it has the correct parts and the best garage door repair place in your neighborhood on the dial. Just in case there’s a need for us to help you install or fix anything. Now let’s talk about specific designs…

Modern Glass Garage Doors

For a sleek and brand new look, we recommend a glass garage door. Perhaps you want to show off that convertible car parked in the garage? Or maybe the space is always super clean that glass windows won’t show off a mess in the garage. Nonetheless, a top reason why some folks prefer the glass design is because it looks glamorous, super clean, and top of the line. Plus, the aluminum frame on the door is durable and complements the overall look.

Craftsman Style Faux Garage Design

If you’re looking for instant curb appeal, look no further. Maybe you’re in the market for adding some extra garage accessories instead of replacing an entire door. You can purchase these vinyl decals at a low cost and change up the entire look and feel of an outdated or old garage door. Although, if you have more money to spend, then get the real deal!

Tempered Frosted Glass Garage Windows

Okay, so maybe you prefer some privacy afterall while acquiring a glass garage door. If you love the style but would want a cover up, then you must definitely go with the tempered frosted windows. This design is decorative and fits any modern style home. You can also opt out for the white laminate glass on the garage door windows instead. Either or, these two options are definitely an upgrade to the overall curb appeal for your home or business.

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How to Find the Best Garage Door Repair in El Dorado Hills

What’s the best garage door repair in El Dorado Hills? The one you can trust to do the job correctly when you need it done. Garage door repair rarely happens at a convenient time. Usually, it’s at the absolute worst — when you’re heading out the door on your way to work, coming home late on a weekend night, a Sunday afternoon when you’d rather be doing something else. You need a garage door professional you can call right away. It needs to be someone you trust — a company that guarantees all their work, uses only certified workers, and is licensed to do service in the area. The company should also be available 24/7 for emergency repairs. You depend on your garage door. You’ll need it fixed right away, day or night.