Stop Ignoring Repairs, Call A Garage Door Service Today

We empathize with those who absolutely detest have to deal with repairs. You use your garage door multiple times a day and likely take it for granted. After all, you get to sit in your car and open the door thanks to the push of a button. Long gone are the days of opening and closing the hundred-pound door manually. When something goes wrong, it’s easy to ignore it and assume it will go away, but that’s never the case.

You should have your overhead door regularly maintained and inspected by a garage door service. If you’re not already doing that, learn some of the ways you can find out if there’s something wrong with your system. If you know that a repair is needed, you’ll be able to get it done before a major issue arises which will require replacement. 

Keep An Ear Out for A Noisy Garage Door 

Your garage door is fine with an average hum or occasional loud sound but once it becomes a constant that you just can’t ignore, it’s time to call a garage door service. A noisy garage door is an extremely serious problem and is likely doing more damage than just annoying your eardrums. A noisy garage door could mean that there’s something wrong with the springs, overhead door opener, or tracks. These are key garage door parts that should be in optimal condition. 

Check your tracks and notice if they are dirty, bent, or damaged. If the tracks are dirty, they can be cleaned with a household cleaner and a rag. Don’t lubricate your tracks – this will prematurely rust them and will force a costly replacement. That being said, if your door tracks are bent or significantly damaged, they will need to be replaced by an expert who can have them fit in tightly. Ignoring this could lead to a door off track if that hasn’t happened already. If the tracks aren’t the issue, take a look at the rollers, they could be worn out. Rollers can be replaced by a garage door repair technician. Most hardware stores and online shops will carry affordable garage door rollers that won’t break the bank. 

Pay Attention to Garage Door Springs

The springs are responsible for doing the heavy lifting when it comes to door operation. Every few months you should inspect them and ensure they’re in place. Be sure to also look out for rust. If any garage door parts are rusty, an overhead door service should replace them immediately. A broken spring can cause serious issues, including loud noises. Your door could collapse at any time, so err on the side of caution and stop using it until a professional can take a look at it. 

Get Issues Fixed Fast

If you notice anything wrong with the overhead door, it’s time to have an inspection. A professional garage door service will determine the issue and have the problem parts replaced or repaired in a timely manner. Ignoring issues may seem like the wise thing to do in the moment but it’s something you’ll regret when the door comes crashing down, or worse: it injures you. In most cases, it’s recommended that you let professionals handle repairs, as DIY fixes are only for those who have experience. 

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Troubleshooting a Garage Door that’s Off its Track

Is your garage door hanging crooked? Does it get “stuck” when opening and closing? Do you have to use extra force to get it to open up? All of these are signs that your garage door may be off its track, fortunately, there are a few things you can do that may be able to help. First off, clean the tracks thoroughly. Grime is a leading cause of garage doors opening incorrectly. Next, check the tracks to see if they look misaligned or damaged. With misalignment, you may be able to straighten them out yourself. Finally, lubricate your tracks thoroughly. This is a good practice in general, and you should consider adding it to your regular maintenance chores. If all else fails, it may be to time to call a professional to fully diagnose your garage door’s issues.