Garage Door Styles For Your Business

Whether you’re looking to renovate a new space or change up the vibe to a more industrial style, an overhead garage door can be the solution! There are many reasons as to why garage door installations for restaurants and other businesses alike has been a recent hype. Are you on the fence about this conversion? Read our points below as to why this would be a great addition to your business!

Garage Doors Create More Space

No matter where in the US of A, many businesses have incorporated glass garage doors for their gym, restaurant or brewery. These types of doors are especially useful for the brewery or distillery. The large opening makes it easy to transport large items or for vehicles to have access inside the property. As for the seasonal weather changes, you can definitely expect more people to come out during the summer months. A restaurant garage door comes in handy for more outdoor seating and for more air to circulate inside. Maybe you’ve opened a cross fit gym in the area? Garage style doors for the gym are great for air circulation and to market your business directly to the outside world.

Trendy Overhead Garage Glass Door

Not only is a garage door great for extra space at the bar or for a patio area in a restaurant, it’s also beautiful to look at. With more passerby’s having a chance to glance inside your establishment by way of the garage door opening, the trendier you’ll look. Plus, accommodating more people means more business. Well, what about the cold winter weather? Sure, you’ll have to keep those doors shut for months on end. But for the most part, you can decorate the glass for seasonal holidays and even add decorative lights all around to give it a cozy feel. Plus, with glass windows, the public can still peer in to see what your establishment is all about.

Safety First, Inspect for Garage Repairs

Sure, the business garage door style is an amazing idea! Although, safety should always come first. Make sure you have a professional install that frame and perfectly adjust the new overhead door. Well, you can have any type of garage door installed, but the most common is an overhead garage door style. The clear glass aluminum overhead door is hot commodity these days. Nonetheless, you want to make sure your customers feel safe and keep coming back! If you need a garage door repair in the Sacramento area, give us a call and we can schedule an appointment!

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Common Types of Overhead Doors for Businesses

There are a number of overhead commercial garage doors businesses can choose from. Sectional doors are typically constructed from galvanized steel slats. Because these doors can be constructed from galvanized steel, they are extremely strong and secure. These kinds of heavy duty doors are also highly resistant to the elements — perfect for surviving a hurricane. Aluminum glass doors are a good choice for customer facing businesses like coffee shops, restaurants and breweries. They are very attractive and feature plenty of natural light. These doors can be opened on warm sunny days to let in the outdoors. Rolling doors are ideal for confined spaces. Because these doors roll up into a suppressed metal coil, they don’t require much storage.