How To Keep Animals Out Of Garage

You walked into your garage to head to work this morning, only to see a mouse and some kind of bug with way too many legs scurry out of sight as you stepped in and turned on the light. Chances are, bugs and rodents are not your favorite creatures, and they certainly are not ideal roommates. And if you find them pesky and kind of gross just like many other people do, there are actually legitimate reasons for you to feel this way.

Bugs are a Nuisance and Mice Carry Disease

Field mice and white-footed mice are particularly prone to carrying diseases that have the ability to pass to humans. So besides the unsanitary factor of mice droppings, and the damage they cause by chewing through things like insulation or power cords, they’re also a health risk. Bugs are more of an issue purely because of damage they can cause. Any bug that can burrow through wood is a risk for your home’s structure, whether it’s termites, carpenter bees, or wood borers. But there are some simple steps you can take to seal off your garage and prevent these guys from entering your home.

Things to Check and Remedy to Keep Vermin Out

  • Clean out your garage and check for signs of any creatures currently inside. Remove them yourself or call a pest control company to eradicate them for you.
  • Inspect the garage for cracks, especially near the ground where the foundation meets the walls. Definitely include your garage door in this inspection- the weather stripping might be loose and leaving gaps between the door and the wall.
  • Lay traps and take preventative measures. There are ant traps, bug sprays you can do around the perimeter of your garage and home, and mice traps. And if you feel bad about killing the mice, don’t worry. Not only are there humane mouse traps easily available, but there are also little units you can plug into an outlet that emit a frequency that mice don’t like, keeping them away for as long as that unit stays plugged into the outlet.

Make sure to keep your garage clean so you can regularly inspect and prevent any further pest issues.

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Call a Local Expert Next Time You Need to Repair Your Overhead Garage Door

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