How Much Will My Garage Door Repair Cost?

Aside from your car, your garage door is probably the heaviest moving object in your home. We use it thousands of times per year, and it weighs hundreds of pounds. So, is it any wonder your garage opener tends to wear out over time?  

With this in mind, one of the first questions that’s going to go into your head when the garage door breaks is: How much are these repairs going to cost?

The answer is… it depends. Garage repairs can range anywhere from less than $100 to over $700, depending on the nature and complexity of the repair and condition of your garage door. Generally, the more preventative maintenance you do on your garage door, the better shape it will be in, and the less you’ll spend on garage door repair overall.

Factors that Affect Garage Door Repair Cost

 Garage repair costs depend on a number of factors. There are normal failures, such as a worn-out torsion springs, which tend to be a bit less expensive than breakage caused by catastrophic damage such as a car running directly into the garage door. Parts are usually a big part of the expense, especially during routine replacements such as springs or rollers. Labor costs can also rack up when there are additional problems diagnosed while your garage’s repairs are underway. A garage repair professional is really who you want to talk to when assessing the specific cause(s) of your garages door’s problem and how much those repairs are likely to run.Reasons for Garage Door Repair

There’s as many reasons to repair a garage door as there are working parts in it.. One common issue to think about are the tracks being out of alignment, which could then cause the whole garage door to come out of alignment. If the door or track are not damaged in the process, garage door tracks alone are a fairly inexpensive repair that will mainly cost you labor. However, if over time the garage tracks break, or the door goes completely out of alignment, the additional labor and parts can add up. Noisy garage doors on the other hand could be simply the result of worn rollers. The cost to replace rollers is not expensive, so most of the cost will again be related to labor.

Spring repair is another common need for garage door repair. You can pretty easily identify worn garage springs visually, however this one absolutely does not fall in the DIY category. These springs are under tremendous tension. They can easily cause severe bodily injury if they suddenly snap.

Common Garage Door Repair Costs

As mentioned before, the costs of garage repairs are unique to each individual home’s situation. However, we can ballpark some of the costs for individual parts with their labor to give you a general gist of how much your garage’s repairs are going to cost you: 

  1. Springs $150-$375

Your garage’s torsion springs work as a counterbalance for your door, allowing it to easily open and close. You’ll know your springs are failing if your garage door is shaky while opening and closing or making straining sounds. Complete failure may even see the garage slam shut while in use. Not recommended for DIY repairs, as the springs are under heavy torque.

  1. Cable $100- $375

Garage cables attach to your spring to allow the garage to move up and down. Cables can generally be visually inspected to see if they are failing, fraying for instance is a bad sign. If a cable snaps while in use your garage door may slam shut on who or whatever is unlucky enough to be below. As cables are part of your spring system it is also not recommended for DIY repairs.

  1. Track $125-$400

Garage tracks guide your garage door to ensure all weight and pressure is properly balanced. Grinding sounds are a common symptom as your roller tries to smoothly move along your broken track. Mentioned earlier, garage tracks aren’t particularly expensive to repair. The caveat here is that the cause of the track’s damage will likely have to be rectified as well. Garage repair professionals have the experience required to quickly diagnose these additional issues.

  1. Roller $90-$200

The wheels of garage rollers move along the track as you open and close your door. The aforementioned grinding noise is characteristic of issues with your roller, though this could involve an issue with your track as well.

  1. Sensor $110-$200

Garage sensors are wired to the opener and ensures that the door will not close on top of anyone or anything. Often issues with the sensor wind up being a misalignment or dirt issue that can be rectified with a bit of DIY work. However, if your sensor is indeed broken a garage repair professional is a good call as an improperly installed sensor can be a safety hazard.

Need Garage Door Repair in El Dorado Hills?

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