How to Determine Space & Size Needs for Your New Garage Door

Are you building a new garage? Or are you renovating an existing garage? Size matters, obviously. And not just the size of the garage itself, but the size of the garage door you install. Should you get a standard size door or would a custom option fit your needs better?

Let’s take a look at standard sizes for garage doors according to vehicle type.

Garage Doors for Standard Vehicles

Most cars are between 6 and 6.5 feet wide, and just under 5 feet in height. That’s a good starting point when determining how large you want the entrance of your garage to be.

A single garage door tends to be 8-10 feet by 7 feet — enough to accommodate most compact cars, sedans, small pickup trucks, vans, and smaller utility vehicles.

Large Vehicle? Consider a Double Garage Door

If you have a considerably large vehicle such as a hauling truck or a semi, you’ll need a double garage door. It provides extra space and allows enough room to store more than one vehicle in a garage. The height is roughly the same, though width can vary, depending on how much room you need. Standard widths include 12 feet, 16 feet, 18 feet, or even 20 feet wide by 7 feet. It’s certainly nice to have plenty of elbow room. What you don’t use for vehicle storage can always be used for other storage, motorcycles, or tractors or other lawn equipment.

Options for Recreational Vehicles

RVs are about as wide as your biggest truck, but are much taller. To adequately store an RV, you’ll need a garage door that’s at least 16 to 18 feet tall. That can be a mouthful, but there are advantages to storing your own RV. You don’t have to pay for storage, nor do you risk violating suburban zoning codes that are common in El Dorado Hills.

Measuring Space for Your Garage Door

You’ll need to determine how large a door you’ll need for the opening. Measure end to end, as well as the floor to the top of the opening.

But if you want a garage door opener (which is critical since this door will be heavy), you’ll also want to leave enough room to accommodate the overhead opener itself. Measure the space from the top of the opening to the actual ceiling. You’ll also want to measure wall to wall inside as well as how deep your garage is from one end to the other.

Custom Garage Doors

For semi trucks or RVs, you’ll need a larger door than what’s standard on the market. This requires a custom approach. Fortunately, we offer all sorts of garage doors for the El Dorado Hills area, including customization.

We can come out and visit your space, discuss your needs and ambitions, and give you a free estimate. We’ve been providing quality garage door service to the Greater Sacramento area for a long time.

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What to Do When Your Garage Door’s Off Track

Did your garage door come off track? Stop using it immediately. You could cause serious and expensive damage to both the track and the door itself. Fortunately, we offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair to the El Dorado Hills area. We can come out and put the garage door back on track usually fairly easily. We may have to straighten or replace some garage door panels. If your lucky enough to catch your garage door coming off track before any serious damage occurs, you may even be able to straighten it out and put it back into place yourself. One reason your garage door came off track is the tracks aren’t straight. Look at the track and see if its in a completely vertical position. It may have come loose from the wall and need to be bolted back in. Otherwise it could easily come off track again.