3 Garage Door Repairs that Are Not DIY: Hire a Professional Technician!

You can save money on DIY projects — sometimes. Garage door repair is not one of those times. Trust us. You can cause serious and expensive damage to your garage. And more alarmingly, you can put family members and pets in serious danger. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds. They are not to be messed with. Save that repair job for a professional.

Some garage door repairs are more dangerous than others. Here are a few garage door repairs you should definitely leave to a professional technician. Safety counts!

Broken Torsion Springs

Understand that torsion springs under tension can be incredibly dangerous. These springs have a certain lifecycle, typically 10,000, meaning your garage door can go up and down 10,000 times before they need to be replaced, give or take. Assuming that the average door is used 1,000 times a year, most springs will last about 10 years. When it’s time to replace them, always hire a professional.

Frayed or Broken Cables

Lift cables work with torsion springs, whereas retaining cables work with extension springs. Like springs, cables are under incredible tension. These are dangerous to work with and require specialized tools to repair safely. Always call a professional to repair cables.

Roller Replacement

Rollers are the wheels the garage door moves on to go up and down the track. Shaking or noise in a garage door can be a sign you need new rollers. You’ll need to hire a professional to replace rollers effectively. Ball bearing nylon rollers are your best bet. These rollers are quieter and will help your garage door open smoother.

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Garage Door Replacement Vs Repair: Which is Right for You?

Own a home with a garage door long enough, and eventually that garage door will break. The one question we get asked the most is should you repair or replace your garage door? That depends on the nature of the repair, the age and quality of the door. The good news is that new garage door installation has incredible return on investment — virtually 97%, dollar for dollar, because of the substantial boost it can give your home’s property value. While most garage door repairs are simple and inexpensive, the older and more used a door gets, the more it will break down and the costlier it will be to repair. In that way it is much like a car. There’s also the question of safety. Older doors that have been heavily used pose a safety hazard, especially if you have children and pets. If you are still on the fence, call us. We’d be happy to come out and do a complete inspection so you have a better understanding of your options.