Have You Organized Your Garage This Year?

It’s Garage Spring Cleaning Time!

Spring cleaning is here and there’s no better time to get your garage organized. We know you’ve been putting this one off for awhile, but there’s no better time than now!

The easiest way to organize your garage is to keep it simple. Start by making a pile of everything you no longer need. From here, you can decide if you want to donate it or start a yard sale. If it’s junk, just throw it away!

Once you’re left with the necessities, start organizing them into piles too. Tools in one pile, garden equipment in the other, etc. After that, decide where you want everything to go. For example, tools can be hung on the wall and other parts can be stored in bins.

Here’s 38 interesting ways to keep things organized in the garage.

Don’t forget to sweep your garage floor when you’re done!


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What’s the Best Garage Door Repair? A Checklist

Looking for the best garage door repair in El Dorado Hills? Here’s a checklist to get you started: the bare minimum any company should have before you even consider letting them touch your garage door. Are they certified? This means they only hire trained and certified workers. You don’t want some CraigsList crackpot rolling off his mother’s couch to work on your precious door. Are they insured? Garage doors are mechanical devices, and when fixing mechanical devices, things are bound to happen, even to the best professionals. If something goes wrong, will it be on you or on them? That’s why companies are supposed to carry insurance so it doesn’t fall on the homeowner. Finally, how are they rated with the Better Business Bureau? A crackpot company will have a bad reputation the BBB will know about. Don’t become a casualty of their bad business ethics.