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Common Garage Door Parts that May Need Replacement

Garage doors are actually fairly complicated pieces of machinery, with a lot of moving parts. Though with care and regular maintenance they can last many years without issue, there are some common failure points that should be inspected somewhat regularly, especially when strange noises and other outside-the-norm behavior starts cropping up. Let’s take a look […]

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Garage Door Styles For Your Business

Whether you’re looking to renovate a new space or change up the vibe to a more industrial style, an overhead garage door can be the solution! There are many reasons as to why garage door installations for restaurants and other businesses alike has been a recent hype. Are you on the fence about this conversion? […]

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How Often Should I Replace My Garage Door Chain?

This is probably the most common question we get when it comes to garage door opener repair. The answer really comes down to two things: the type of garage door opener you have and how often you use the garage door opener. Chain driven garage door openers are louder, but they last a while longer. […]

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Overhead vs. Carriage Style Garage Doors

Though overhead garage doors are by far the most popular style of garage doors on the market, they are not the only ones available. Carriage-style, sometimes called swing-out doors, are a classic look that was developed back in the 1920’s. They open outwards on hinges and were originally made for horse-carriages to be parked inside. They’re a bit less complicated to install than an overhead, but are quite difficult and heavy to operate on a full-size garage big enough to park a car in. Carriage styles do have their use though, as they take up less space on the ceiling of the garage and can open up the entire room for use.