California Spanish Style Home

From San Diego to Sacramento, there are various Spanish style homes which were built in the 1600s and 1800s. Most Spanish Homes are found in L.A. County from a beach side cottage in Malibu to a hillside mansion in Beverly Hills. Those who own a Spanish home love the personality which lies in the architecture. There’s definitely an earthy vibe from it’s vibrant yet neutral colors. Need us to help point out such style? Look for the low pitched brown roof tops, arched doorways, and a white painted exterior. On the inside? Wooden beams at the ceiling, gorgeous painted tiles on the floors, in the kitchen or in the bathroom, more arches, dark wood and terracotta tiles on the floor.

Hacienda or Spanish Revival House

A hacienda refers to a mansion style home. These types of properties are found in many areas of Northern California. Being that some of the older cottages were built over 100 years ago, the new revival wave of Spanish homes are built brand new and with plenty of space in mind. A Hacienda usually contains a large estate with courtyards and plenty of space indoors. Some of these types of homes are also commonly found in our own California neighborhood of Wine Country. The main reason being that there’s plenty of space for vineyards and wine making.

Spanish Style Garage Space

Many of the old style homes do not have an attached garage space. Some actually do not have a garage at all. This reflects on what was needed at the time. A garage was definitely not something many opted for in the 1800s. It wasn’t until the 1920s that the first attached garage began to appear and they were often located in the back of the house. Thus, if you’re in the market for purchasing a spanish style home, you might consider building a garage. Unless you’re purchasing a Hacienda or brand new Spanish revival home. The new properties have delicate details which match those of the home. Simply beautiful!

Attached Garage or Stand Alone?

Depending on your property, you can decide on whether you’d like an attached garage or stand alone. Detached garages are easier to add and you can add an overhead door. An attached garage also adds comfort as you can easily step into your house without facing rain or heat outside. What about when you need repairs? A detached garage is easier to deal with when it requires maintenance or repairs as it does not connect to your home directly. It really is up to you on what your needs and preferences are.

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Types of Businesses that Benefit from an Overhead Garage Door

What kind of businesses can benefit from an overhead commercial garage door? More than you think. It’s not just warehouses and shipping departments that are installing commercial doors these days. For instance, many restaurants, breweries and coffee shops install glass aluminum doors because of the natural light and to give customers access to the outdoors on beautiful days. Car dealerships also benefit from garage doors as they can easily move cars in and out of the showroom for display. Nurseries also benefit from overhead doors. The doors can be opened during beautiful weather to provide natural light to the plants. These doors can also be opened to be more inviting for customers coming in to buy starter plants and gardening supplies.