When Did You Last Replace Your Garage Door’s Weatherstripping?

Replacing the weatherstripping, the bottom seal on your garage door, is a simple garage door repair that should be done every other year, or every few years. Since it is made of rubber, sun exposure can cause it to crack and break apart. Not only does it protect your garage from flooding and other severe weather, it also acts as a barrier for keeping out critters such as mice, cockroaches, racoons and other scavengers who might be seeking shelter as the weather changes.

DIY, But Why?

This should be considered regular garage door maintenance, and it is simple enough to DIY, although it does take a couple hours and can be frustrating if you have the wrong size weatherstripping, or fail to get things perfectly straight. A garage door bottom seal can be found at most hardware stores, but it is important to take measurements and purchase the correct size. Replacing it entails unscrewing the bolts on the old bottom seal, sliding in the new and replacing the bolts. Certainly there are plenty of ways you’d rather spend your weekend, or maybe getting on the ground for garage door repairs is not something you have the desire or ability to do. El Dorado Hills Garage Door Repair is happy to help. Contact us today and we will inspect how well your garage door is weatherproofed and gladly install a new bottom seal.

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How to Find the Best Garage Door Repair Service in El Dorado Hills

Need your garage door repaired but don’t know who to call? It’s not as daunting as it seems to find quality garage door repair near you. Go with a local option; they know the neighborhoods, the climate and the most typical needs of the community. And choose a company who specifically specializes in garage door repair, because they will be expert professionals. You need a small company with a wide breadth of knowledge, not a big contractor who also fixes garage doors on the side. So choose a local company that has a great local reputation so that you can rest assured your garage door will be repaired quickly, quietly and affordably.