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3 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Most people don’t realize they need to replace their garage door opener until the day they’re garage door doesn’t open and their car’s stuck inside. This is an inconvenient hassle. But if you pay attention to the condition of your garage door opener and its performance, you should be able to spot the issue before […]

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Top 6 Home Improvement Projects to Optimize Equity Value

Looking to sell your home? Don’t assume resale value is a fixed figure you have no control over. In fact, there are numerous improvements you can make that can dramatically raise your home’s equity. That’s why a home is an investment. And if you play your cards right, it’s one that can play off handsomely. […]

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Coming Soon: Tesla’s Console Will Open Smart Garage Doors

Coming to a Tesla near you — the ability to open your smart garage door, right from the vehicle’s control panel. If you’ve had a smart garage door opener installed, you’ve already said goodbye to your automatic garage door opener. And with this latest feature expected soon from Tesla, you won’t even have to fumble […]

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Our 3 Favorite Eco Friendly WiFi Connected Garage Door Openers

If you’re thinking of installing a new door or garage door opener, here’s something to consider: a smart garage door opener is not only convenient; it can also save you money and is good for the earth. It’s surprising how many people don’t realize how eco-friendly a WiFi connected garage door is. After all, the […]

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Is Your Garage Door Off Track? This Will Only Get Worse

A tell-tale sign of an off track garage door usually starts with the door not opening smoothly. Is it shifting back and forth as it elevates? Is there a different audible noise as it opens up? If so, you may have a garage door with a bent track. The most important thing to understand is that this problem will only get worse. You might as well deal with it now before it becomes a real safety issue. Now, you can try to solve this yourself with a modest amount of tools and some basic research, but in this particular case it may be easier and less stressful to get the advice of local professionals.