The Pros & Cons of Steel Garage Door Installation

Want an affordable option for garage door installation that’s highly durable and low maintenance? Then you can’t go wrong with a steel garage door. Though the exact price can vary depending on the gauge of steel door you choose, these doors are budget friendly. If you buy one with a thick gauge, they’re pretty tough too. And you can buy fortified doors, which can be especially handy during hurricane season.

So here’s everything you need to know about steel garage doors, the pros and cons and everything in between.

Technically it’s possible to dent steel, but they are certainly stronger than wooden doors and even aluminum doors. Unlike vinyl, steel is highly puncture resistant.

Minor dents are easily repairable. More substantial dents may require the expertise of a garage door professional, however.

Visual Aesthetics

Steel may not have the natural beauty of wood, but it’s not necessarily an eyesore either. It’s visual appeal is entirely dependent on its paint job. These doors are highly versatile. With the right color combination, you can have a new garage door that delivers curbside appeal.

The catch is the paint on steel doors is surface only, so it can be prone to scratches. Weather and sun exposure can cause the paint to fade. Steel doors will need to be repainted more often than your typical wooden garage door.

Energy Efficiency

Steel doors tend not to be energy efficient. Steel is naturally conducive to heat. You can help mitigate this by choosing an insulated door. Keep in mind you might want to go for a higher R-value for a steel door because of its natural heat transmission properties.

Environmentally Friendly Steel Garage Doors

Steel tends to be a green friendly option. You aren’t chopping down trees to make your door after all, nor are you introducing plastic like vinyl. The beauty of steel is its easily recyclable. In fact, you can even install a new steel garage door that’s made from recycled materials. And decades now when you are done with the door, you can recycle it instead of sending it to a landfill.

Pest Free

The other advantage of steel doors is they are pest free — unlike wooden doors that can be feasts for termites or other insects. Steel doors won’t fall apart, so you don’t have to worry about pests getting into your garage.

Rust Concerns

The main drawback to steel is rust. While steel tends to be fairly maintenance free, you’ll need to watch out for rust. This includes updating the paint job, looking for rust patches and removing it as soon as it begins.

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