4 Ways to Save on Garage Door Repair Cost

4 Ways to Save on Garage Door Repair CostWe don’t often think about how heavy our garage doors are. The average garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. Considering most people use their garage doors 2 to 3 times per day, that adds up to nearly 1000 cycles of use over the course of a year. Keeping a garage door repaired and working well is important to family safety, especially if you have kids or pets. How expensive is garage door repair? That depends on how you go about it, especially when it comes to routine maintenance and upkeep. If you are smart about garage door repair, you can better control the costs. Here are 4 ways you can save with a smarter approach.

Quality Parts is Worth a Little Extra Expense

Saving money in the long run doesn’t mean being cheap in the short term. When it comes to the parts you use to repair and maintain your garage door, you get what you pay for. The same rule applies to garage door opener repair, service, and installation. Invest in quality. How thick is the hardware? What’s the quality of the weatherstripping? What is the material of the door made of and how will it stand up to wear and tear? This is especially important if you’ve got kids who love to play sports.

Routine Maintenance Saves Overtime

Most people don’t worry about their garage door until something’s broken. The truth is keeping your door well lubricated, nuts and bolts tightened, and being sure the door is well-balanced goes a long way to both its function and how long it will last. Is your garage more than a couple of years old? Have it tuned up annually by a professional garage door service company.

Hire a Quality Garage Door Repair Service

There are a lot of run-of-the-mill, fly-by-night garage door repair companies out there. Do your research before hiring one. Ideally, don’t wait until there’s a problem. A good company is like a dentist. It’s good to know who to go to for both routine work and emergencies. Check out their reputation in the El Dorado Hills area. Talk to your neighbors and get some recommendations.

Know When to Trust a Professional

Some garage door repairs are DIY if you’re pretty good with a screwdriver and a wrench. Other repairs like fixing garage door springs or cables are extremely dangerous. Know when to hire a professional company. They have the knowledge and tools to do the job safely and correctly.

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Garage Door Installation: Which Material Will You Choose?

So you’ve decided to finally get a new garage door. Congratulations! Studies show that installing a new garage door brings one of the highest return on investments for all home improvement projects. The added equity to your property can be substantial. Have you considered what kind of material you’d like for your door? Wood has a beautiful visual appeal that is quite natural and tends to blend nicely with the rest of the home. The catch is it requires more maintenance including occasional weather proofing and painting every couple of years. Steel is very popular and one of the most economical options. Fiberglass is fairly durable, but tends to crack under cold conditions. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that much in the El Dorado Hills area. Aluminum is rust resistant, quite a benefit considering how rainy California winters tend to be. The drawback to aluminum is it dents easily. Vinyl is a contemporary material that is durable and low maintenance. It has become very popular in the last few years. Talk to your local garage door service to see which option is best for you.