Why You Should Install a Sectional Garage Door on Your Tool Shed

Why You Should Install a Sectional Garage Door on Your Tool ShedHave you ever considered a sectional garage door for your tool shed? There are a number of advantages when it comes to space and accessibility. They don’t work with every structure, but if your shed (or even a small garage) is the right size, a sectional garage door can be an ideal choice.

Space Issues

To fit your shed, you’ll need enough space so that the door can be lifted up under the roof. This means you’ll need at least 110 square feet of floor space to meet the basic needs of physics. That’s about 8 feet wide by 14 feet deep. You’ll also want at least 5 inches of headroom over the head of the door if you are considering installing an electric garage door opener.

Space Advantages

The beauty of a sectional garage door on a shed is space and accessibility. You can open the door without shoveling snow, especially handy if this is where you store your snowblower. You also don’t lose space on the walls by opening the doors inward or sideways. As long as there is enough room between the door and the stuff you are storing, you can pack things pretty tight.

This means you can store large items like snowmobiles, bikes or ATVs more easily. There’s just more room to fit everything.

Have You Considered Installing an Electric Opener?

Another advantage to a sectional door is you can install an electric garage door opener, which simply isn’t an option for most traditional storage doors. So if you are storing a snowmobile or ATV, you don’t have to get off to open the door. It’s as convenient as parking your car in your garage.


If you don’t already have windows in your shed, they are easy to include in a sectional door. This way you get natural light into your shed, which can be handy if you use it as a work area.

Size Considerations

You have several size options to consider when installing a sectional garage door. The minimal size is about 4 feet with no maximum width. Heights tend to vary between 6 feet or 7 feet, though you could order a custom door for whatever size is necessary.

Keep the Rustic Look

If your shed has a carriage house style, you can still maintain the rustic look with decorative hardware made from wrought iron that mimics the look of hinges and handles. It’s a timeless look that’s beautiful on an old shed. You can still look historic and have an electric opener installed at the same time.

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