Unique Features of California’s Redwood Trees

Redwood trees and Giant Sequoias are a unique feature of Northwest US ecology, and El Dorado Hills has easy access to several national parks in Northern CA that feature these beautiful giants. Redwoods have been around for at least 240 million years, and tree ring dating has told us they can live for over 2,000 years and become over 350 feet tall. How? They’re drought and pollution resistant, and their roots work in teams with other trees to support each other’s health. As a building material, they’re a really elegant and sturdy hardwood; colonists started using them for lumber pretty much the moment they got to CA. So what makes them so great for building? And specifically, what features make redwood a great (and local!) choice of material for garage doors? Let’s find out:

Redwood as a Building Material

Many of the features that help redwood trees stand for millennia are kept even after a tree has been processed into lumber:

  • Decay/rot resistant
  • Keep their structural integrity even in humid/wet climates
  • Stand up to dry and sunny weather
  • Sturdy enough (comparable to cedar) for use as jambs
  • Made with several layers to prevent warping

Choosing redwood as the material for your garage door installation or replacement is the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too – you get the timeless, traditional look of wood doors without the tendency to be susceptible to California’s weather and climate.

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