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3 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Most people don’t realize they need to replace their garage door opener until the day they’re garage door doesn’t open and their car’s stuck inside. This is an inconvenient hassle. But if you pay attention to the condition of your garage door opener and its performance, you should be able to spot the issue before […]

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A Guide to New Garage Door Installation

The truth is if your garage door is over 20 years it may be time to consider replacing it. The good news is a new garage door installation has one of the highest return on investments for all home improvements — nearly 97%, virtually dollar for dollar. The reason for this is because of curb […]

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How Much Will Your Garage Door Repair Cost?

Here’s the deal: Sure, some minor garage door repairs you can do yourself, like tightening the bolts as a routine maintenance. But many repairs will require the expertise of a professional. And yes, there will be some costs. How much a garage door repair will cost depends on the nature and complexity of the repair, […]

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Choosing the Best Grow Light for Starting Seedlings In Your Garage

Why Grow Plants in the Garage When You Live in California? Most gardeners who overwinter or start plants in their garage are shielding their seedlings and prize succulents from harsh winters and below freezing temps. One of the best perks of gardening in California is allowing plants to flourish outdoors year round, without interrupting their […]

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Keeping Your Garage Door Balanced

Most homeowners use their garage door multiple times a day, which can add up to almost a thousand times per year. The door will naturally go through wear and tear, especially if it is not routinely maintained or repaired. One of the most common repairs that garage doors go through is doors being unbalanced. Your […]

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Tilt-Up Garage Doors and Mid-Century Suburbs

You’ve probably seen a tilt-up garage door before, but it probably wasn’t on a modern home. This type of overhead door was really popular on garages in the 60’s and 70’s. This was when designer suburbs began to become common, and a single-panel, tilt-up garage door has the ability to be produced and installed on […]

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Unique Features of California’s Redwood Trees

Redwood trees and Giant Sequoias are a unique feature of Northwest US ecology, and El Dorado Hills has easy access to several national parks in Northern CA that feature these beautiful giants. Redwoods have been around for at least 240 million years, and tree ring dating has told us they can live for over 2,000 […]

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Is Your Garage Door Off Track? This Will Only Get Worse

A tell-tale sign of an off track garage door usually starts with the door not opening smoothly. Is it shifting back and forth as it elevates? Is there a different audible noise as it opens up? If so, you may have a garage door with a bent track. The most important thing to understand is that this problem will only get worse. You might as well deal with it now before it becomes a real safety issue. Now, you can try to solve this yourself with a modest amount of tools and some basic research, but in this particular case it may be easier and less stressful to get the advice of local professionals.