The Solution to a Damaged Garage Door

The Solution to a Damaged Garage Door

If you own a garage door long enough, it will inevitably happen — a damaged door. It’s the law of Murphy’s garage doors. You can be careful and do all the preventative maintenance in the world, but something inevitably will go wrong — eventually.

That’s just part of the deal of owning a home — welcome to the club. Either way, it’s important that the door be repaired quickly and correctly. A damaged or broken door just isn’t safe. What’s more, continuing to use the door can cause further damage that can get exponentially more expensive.

Safety & Security

There’s also the security issue to worry about. A door stuck halfway exposes your garage to thieves when you’re not home — hundreds of dollars of tools, sports equipment, bikes, etc. Plus, your garage door is your home’s largest entrance. If thieves gain entrance to the garage when you’re not home, they can take their time picking their way in through the door — away from the prying eyes of neighbors.

Don’t panic. Many garage door repair companies offer 24/7 emergency repair service for this very reason. Give them a call and have a solution immediately. Your home and family’s security is just too important to put off.

Common Causes of Damaged Garage Doors

Garage doors often need repair because of damaged cables or springs. Considering how often we use our doors, it’s inevitable these parts will wear out. If you don’t keep an eye on their condition, it’s easy to let springs get away from you. You should always hire a professional for garage door springs. The risk to injury is just too dangerous.

Sometimes the problem is with the photo eye. This is something you can probably address yourself. Make sure the photo eyes are directly across from each other and not in direct sunlight. You may need to provide a shade for the eye if sunlight is causing it to malfunction. Dirty photo eyes can also cause problems. Wash the surface with a wet soapy rag.

The door may have come off track. If this is the case, stop using the door immediately. You can cause serious damage to your door and frame.

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Garage Door Off Track? What You Need to Know

Did your garage door come off track? Stop using it immediately! This is usually a fairly simple and inexpensive fix — one you might even be able to do yourself. But if you continue to use the door, you can cause serious damage to both the door and the track. This inexpensive repair suddenly becomes several hundred dollars. You might be able to get the door back on the track yourself by using pliers to bend the track and reposition the door back into place. If you can’t get it back into place, give us a call. We offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair to the El Dorado Hills and Sacramento area. We’ll fix your track anytime of the day — even the middle of the night. We’re happy to help.