The Basics to Painting a Garage Door, Fast

So you’ve come to realize that painting a garage door shouldn’t be more complicated than painting the interior of your home. Well, probably easy for those who really have a knack for painting. But for starters, let’s go over the basics. Grab the most durable paint from your local hardware store so it helps prevent flaking and paint discoloration over time. Make sure you have a compatible primer as well. Next, set up a cloth in front of the door for easy clean up. With a piece of sandpaper start sanding down the rusted areas. Clean the door with diluted soapy water and cover the nadles with masking tape.

The Best Quality Primer and Paint

A special shout out to the make-up gurus, you know how important it is to have a great primer before applying the foundation. Just like applying make-up, the garage door paint needs a base. Make sure the primer sets completely (dry) before applying that new beautiful coat of paint. Time to show off the new door the neighborhood.

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The Best Garage Door Opener For Cheap

Are you a new homeowner? Yes, it’s a blessing to finally own a home, plus having that extra space attached to your kitchen: the garage. But, what if your door opener suddenly begins to malfunction? From top brands such as Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Genie (just to name a few), it can be daunting to research the best garage door clicker set. Just a few google searches and you can definitely find sale items. Have you heard of the smart wifi garage door opener? It can connect directly to an app on your smartphone and has the capability to open or shut while you’re miles away from home. Technology is taking over yet another well dated industry.