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Garage Door Installation: Is Your Old Door Dangerous?

We like to get our money’s worth out of things, especially these days. Value is important. And we tend to push the limits — wearing a pair of shoes or jeans right up to the breaking point. Garage doors should be an exception to the rule, however. Put off replacing your old door too long […]

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Installing a New Garage Door Trolley

The trolley on your garage door, also known as the carriage, is the rail between the motor and the face of the wall, the metal bar that contains the components your door to the automatic opener. It’s usually installed at the same time as the opener. For older openers, the trolley can get worn out and occasionally needs replacement. You could call a professional service, or DIY the job with a few online instruction videos and some good knowledge with a tool belt. Always work with a step ladder. You may want a second pair of hands to hold the ladder in place. Also, make sure to completely disconnect the power before beginning any work. Remember, safety first!