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Is It Time Your Garage Got New Weatherstripping?

Garage Running a Little Hot? Check Your Weatherstripping A hot, stuffy garage in El Dorado Hills tends to mean there’s not enough insulation on the garage door or the weatherstripping has worn out. Check the base of your garage door. A rubbery strip runs along the entire bottom of the door in order to help […]

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DIY Garage Door Repair: How to Fix a Dented Aluminum Door

Aluminum garage doors are great because they don’t require much maintenance. Their only drawback is they dent easily, especially if your kids like to play dodge ball. The good news is these dents are easily fixable with this ingenious DIY hack repair for garage doors! Start by washing the dented area with soap and water and let it dry. Cover the area with aluminum foil. Wave a lit lighter over the foil covered dent. Remove the foil and spray the dent with an upside down can of air for at least 30 seconds. Carbon dioxide is the magic ingredient so be sure to hold the can upside down. The drastic change in temperatures will cause the dent to pop back out. Even Bill Nye the Science Guy would be impressed with your ingenuity!