4 Reasons You May Need New Garge Door Weatherstripping

Most people are barely aware there’s weatherstripping on the bottom of their garage door at all. It’s one of the most overlooked components of the entire door. Typically, it’s not until rain and leaves from flood debris start pouring into their garage that they decide to inspect it. Weatherstripping runs along the bottom of the door and acts as a barrier. It wears out overtime and occasionally needs replaced. Take a close look. You may be overdue. Here are 4 signs it’s time to replace your weatherstripping.

There’s a Draft in Your Garage

A draft may exist in your garage because your door isn’t well insulated. But if there’s a change in the draft, that’s a sign of weak weatherstripping. Hold your hand at the bottom of the door during a windy day. Do you feel a breeze? It may be time for new weatherstripping.

You Regularly Find Water, Dirt, Debris in Garage After a Storm

After it rains, is there a lot of water, dirt and other debris on the inside of your garage? That’s probably because the weatherstripping is too worn out to do its job. As the name implies, forming a barricade against weather is the whole point of weatherstripping. If there are cracks, leaks or other openings, the water will pour in like a river — leaving debris in its path.

Furry Neighbors Pay Your Garage a Visit

Weatherstripping doesn’t just protect against the weather — it keeps little critters from sneaking in and making your garage their new home. Mice and rats can tunnel in those small openings — especially during those rainy El Dorado Hills winters. Hire yourself an exterminator — and replace your weatherstripping.

Your Weatherstripping is Worn & Damaged

You should give your weatherstripping a visual inspection from time to time. Are there broken pieces, worn out rubber, or entirely missing areas around the base of your garage? It’s time to for a replacement.

Weatherstripping will wear out every few years, but far too many homeowners ignore it. The good news is this is a fairly simple DIY garage door repair. You can buy everything you need for this job at the local hardware store.

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2 Easy Garage Door Repairs DIY

Some of the easiest do it yourself garage door repairs require nothing more than a can of oil and a lug wrench. You really should oil your garage door every few months. Make sure to use an approved garage door lubricant — not WD40, which can cause your door to rust prematurely. Make sure to dust off all the parts you intend to lube with a dry towel. Apply it to all metal parts of your garage door, using a paint brush to get into all the nooks and crannies. Use a dry towel to catch any drips. Next, take a lug wrench and tighten down any bolts you see. This is an easy way to quiet down the rattle of a loud garage door. This kind of maintenance will also help your garage door last longer.