Think It Might Flood? How to Protect Your Garage

If you live in El Dorado Hills, you know it can in California like something out of the Old Testament. Sure, it can be feast or famine, drought or deluge, but when it rains it pours as the saying goes. How do you protect your garage from flooding? That’s a good question — and one you should ask yourself before your car is underwater. Here are 4 ways to prepare and protect your garage from flood waters and heavy rain.

Clean Around the Entrance

Start by cleaning the dirt out of the opening of your garage. Pay special attention to the gap between the garage door and the floor. Make sure this is free of dust, mud, and other blockage. Clean dirt from the opening which can prevent the door from fully closing and allowing water to get in.

Replace Your Garage Door Bottom Seal

Your garage door bottom seal is the rubber barrier at the bottom of the door designed to keep out water, dirt and pests. Overtime, it can dry, crack and break. It will need replaced. This is a job you can do yourself in a few hours. The bottom seal can be bought at most hardware and home improvement stores. Buy more than you need and then cut it down to size. Remove the old one and reattach the new one.

If All Else Fails — Stack Sandbags

In the face of a nasty storm, you might consider stacking sandbags on the outside of the door. Place rags on the inside of the door to absorb any extra water.

Repair Your Garage Door

If your door is missing panels, or has gaps, you’ll need to repair it. Naturally, if your door doesn’t completely cover the opening to your garage, the inside of your garage will be exposed. If the door is too badly worn to be fixed, you might need to install a new garage door. Not only will a new door help protect your home from flood, but it can dramatically improve your property value. New garage door installation has a 97% return on investment, dollar for dollar.

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Why You Should Hire a Pro for Garage Door Installation

Think you can save a few bucks and DIY your own garage door install? Think again. You may very well blow the several thousand dollars you invest in the garage door. Keep in mind that if you attempt to install a garage door yourself you may very very well void the warranty — and for good reason. There’s a lot that can go wrong — mainly with how the door’s balanced and how the tracks are aligned. And you might not know something’s wrong until you’ve used it for a few weeks — and by then you’ve seriously damaged the tracks and the door. Get the job done right by hiring a professional. This investment is too important to waste.