Weather-Proofing Your Garage Door

As the weather gets colder and less predictable in the winter months, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your garage safe from the elements. You store some of the most valuable things you own in your garage – your car, your important gardening tools, and athletic equipment. Not to mention that is serves as a major entry point to the inside of your home. 

Keep this entryway of way of your home safe, both to seasonal changes and potential intruders. ere are a few simple DIY measures to make sure you are prepared for whatever the weather has in store.

Attach Weather Strips Between Garage Door Panels

You might not think of it, but rain and cold air can sneak into your garage by way of the slits between the panels of your overhead garage door. To prevent this, head to your preferred hardware store and find adhesive, v-shaped weather strips that will stick between garage door panels. 

This is a small project, that can have a large impact on keeping both the working parts of your garage door, as well as your belongings, safe from the elements. .

Weather Strip the Base of Your Door

Rain, cold air, dirt, and even critters can sneak their way into your garage under your door if you don’t add a weather strip to the base and sides of your door. This is another easy DIY project to winterize your garage against any type of season. 

 There are many different kinds of weather strips that are easy to install, but try to get a hold of one with grooves at the bottom so that the strip can’t easily get stuck to the concrete floor of your garage. Well-installed, a weather strip can even work to proof against minor flooding.

Go Automatic with Your Door Opener

The amount of energy you could be wasting by leaving your garage open for longer than necessary may be greater than you realize. Further, you don’t know who or what you could be exposing your belongings to when forgetting to close your garage door for as little as 15 minutes. 

For these reasons, you ought to consider installing an automatic or motion sensing garage door opener. Garage doors are also heavily insulated and can actually help quite a bit with energy savings when kept tightly shut, whenever not in use. An automatic opener/closer will sense inactivity and keep things closed up accordingly, keeping your belongings, and energy bills, safe from the outside world.

No matter where you start with equipping your garage door from all seasons, your wallet will surely thank you. Any preventative measures you can take before disaster strikes will ensure you save money and avoid a headache down the line.

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Don’t Use This Popular Product On Your Door

One of the best ways to maintain your overhead garage door is to lubricate the moving parts of the door, such as the springs and rollers every few months. Though WD-40 can be used on your garage door tracks and chains, it should not be used for moving parts such as rollers. WD-40 actually strips away important lubricants for these parts, and can make matters worse over time. Instead, use a lubricant specifically made for garage doors.