4 Parts of Your Garage Door to Check Up On Before Entering the New Year

As we approach the end of another calendar year, it’s important to check up on many of your household gadgets and gizmos to make sure they are ready for January 1st. Your garage door is one of the most important check-ups to do regularly – after all, you likely use it multiple times every day. Why shouldn’t, “New Year, New Me,” apply to your garage door? Here are 4 parts of your garage door system to inspect to make sure you start out the year on the right foot.

Garage Door Springs

Do a quick visual scan of your springs for any signs of wear and tear. Does there appear to be enough tension? Do a quick test by lowering your garage door down halfway. If it stays there, your springs are nice and tense, but if the door doesn’t stay up there’s a good chance you need your springs changed or adjusted. We do not recommend you trying to replace springs on your own, however – they are under a great deal of tension and can easily injure a non-professional.


How are the hinges connecting your panels looking? Plan to replace any rusty hinges or loose screws. Hinges can easily get dirty and rusted after sitting for long periods of time, so don’t be afraid to give them a good wipe-down if needed.

Garage Door Track

The tracks of your garage door are located on either side of the door, and they keep the whole operation running smoothly. Check for any dents, cracks, or blockages that may have ended up caught in your track. Any obstructions in the track will make it more difficult for your garage door to move up and down quietly and in one fluid motion.


Has your garage door been a little shakier or noisier than usual? This may be an issue with your garage door drums – the wheels that wind up the cables that lift and close your door. Since the drums aren’t as easily accessible as the other parts of your garage door, they may become more dirty or rusty on a regular basis, so checking on them is a good idea. Drums are another piece of your garage door that we strongly suggest you don’t attempt to repair yourself – they support a lot of weight and any mistakes in handling them could be dangerous! 

Replace the garage opener batteries? Grease the chains? Are the lightbulbs burned out? There are plenty of other things to check, but we think four’s a good number for this garage door maintenance article! Good luck with garage door maintenance, and remember to call a pro if you’re in over your head.


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Why Is My Garage Door Off Track?

A garage door jumping off track is a fairly common repair that usually takes place after a car accidentally hits the lining, forcing the rollers to misalign. There are also a variety of ways a door can go off track without the use of accidental force. To lessen the likelihood of your door going off track, take time to remove built-up grime, dirt, and other obstructions like pebbles that have become lodged on the track. Over time, the door can veer off track if the track itself is loose. Use a screwdriver to tighten up the tracks when you sense the door isn’t gliding smoothly.