Thinking About Installing Garage Door Windows? 3 Issues to Consider

Thinking About Installing Garage Door Windows 3 Issues to ConsiderOne of the easiest and more affordable ways to give your garage door a facelift is to install new windows. It’s a fairly easy DIY garage door repair you can do yourself (though we’re happy to help if you’d rather not go through the hassle). But there are numerous factors in the consideration and planning of garage door windows most people overlook. Here’s everything you need to know to upgrade your garage door windows, courtesy of the garage door professionals.

Do You Want Your Garage Door Windows to Match Your Home?

Many people choose to match their garage door windows to the windows and doors of their home. This can be done through using a similar trim and style of glass. You might even consider adding curtains or blinds. It’s also a good idea to choose windows that blend in well with the architecture of your home.

Keep in mind that aesthetics are important. The appearance of your garage door compared to the rest of the house plays a big factor in property value. That’s probably why a new garage door has one of the highest ROIs of all home improvements — 97%, virtually dollar for dollar. That’s also why it’s important to keep your garage door in excellent repair.

Think About Light, Weather, and Other Acts of God

Natural light can be a big benefit to your garage. The added light from new windows or bigger windows can really improve what you do in your garage during the day time. You might even be able to convert the inside to an office space, gym, or recreational area.

At the same time, windows can also be a security risk. Thieves won’t be shy about peaking in through your garage windows when you’re away, unlike the windows in your home. Consider curtains or opaque glass if this is an issue.

You also should think about weather issues, especially if you live in a place of potential hurricanes or even the heavy thunderstorms we tend to get in the winter in El Dorado Hills, California. Why not get thicker glass to protect from wind, hail, and tropical storms?

Think About Weight

If you add windows, don’t forget about the weight, especially if you get thicker windows to protect against the elements. Think about how this will affect your garage door opener. You may need to install a stronger motor. Consult with your garage door service about the best options.

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Simple Approaches to Garage Door Opener Repair

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