Our 3 Favorite Eco Friendly WiFi Connected Garage Door Openers

If you’re thinking of installing a new door or garage door opener, here’s something to consider: a smart garage door opener is not only convenient; it can also save you money and is good for the earth. It’s surprising how many people don’t realize how eco-friendly a WiFi connected garage door is. After all, the need for energy efficiency is what inspired a lot of smart home technology in the first place — the need to control temperatures when you’re not home to save on energy costs, for example. Smart garages are no different. It puts the control in your hands, anywhere remotely, which in turn means better energy efficiency and savings.

The catch is many people assume having a smart garage door means it stays on 24/7. That’s not the case at all. Many openers are designed to eliminate such unnecessary waste without sacrificing the convenience and accessibility.

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster doors are designed to minimize energy in standby mode using something known as “phantom mode.” Many openers waste 5 to 8 watts in standby mode. (Some of the older openers waste up to 14 watts!) But LiftMaster designed their smart garage doors to use only 1 watt of energy in standby mode. That’s what inspired Blue & Green Tomorrow to name LiftMaster as the number 1 eco friendly garage door opener on the market.

Decko 24300

Coming in at number 2 is the Decko 24300. It features non-polarized wiring, so it’s an easy DIY install project. It’s quiet — concentrating all the sound at the upper portion of your garage. The other beauty of this opener is it automatically closes after a certain period of inactivity. Sure, as a smart garage door opener, you can always open or close it remotely. But if you should forget, it will automatically close for increased safety. It’s also highly energy efficient.

Nexx Garage Door Opener

What’s great about the Nexx garage door opener is how easy it is to install. It’s probably one of the simplest DIY openers to install on the market. It actually integrates easily with Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s highly energy efficient, but the performance can be dampened a bit.

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