Need More Room in the Garage? Here’s How to Install Overhead Ladder Storage

Need More Room in the Garage Here’s How to Install Overhead Ladder Storage

Do you use your garage for storage? Most people do somewhat, even if they also store their cars in their garage. If you really want to maximize storage space, optimizing overhead space is key. The ceiling area can be a great place to stash ladders, plastic bins, camping equipment and other things you don’t need access to on a regular basis. Ceiling brackets are the perfect way to make the most of your ceiling space and optimize your storage area, while still having enough room for cars, lawn equipment, and other garage essentials.

There are three things you want out of ceiling brackets: safety, ease of use, and convenience. It’s essential to be able to easily get the ladder up on the bracket, roll it back to the rear bracket, and secure the unit in place so it doesn’t fall down. And since you live in El Dorado Hills California where earthquakes are just a natural part of life, safe security may be easier said than done. You don’t want that ladder falling down on top of a vehicle, or worse, a family member or pet.

Security, safety and convenience isn’t too hard to pull off if you plan ahead. All it takes is two U-Shaped holders placed in such a way to be able to substantially support the middle of the ladder’s weight and don’t impede space when the ladder is not in storage.

Always make sure to install the U-shaped holders parallel to the ceiling joust. This way the ladder will be perpendicular when stored. This way, the L brackets can be secured into the wood of the joust. Just make sure to install them with enough room on either side to safely get the ladder up and down.

To install the ceiling brackets, you’ll need the following:

  • Up to 4′ or more of 2” X 4” lumber
  • 1/2” X 2′ threaded steel rod
  • 3/4” X 2′ hollow steel conduit sleeve or PVC pipe
  • 3”- 5” right angle brackets


You’ll probably want the ladders to have a low profile. Be sure to leave enough room to tilt the ladder to adequately bring the other end in place. All 4 pieces of lumber to construct this should be roughly the same height.


To install, locate the studs in the ceiling. You can do this either with the tried and true “knock method,” or you could use a stud finder. If your garage ceiling is high, you may just want to use a stud finder to make it simpler and minimize the risk for injury.

You’ll want to lag the brackets into the ceiling to make sure the ladder will be level. The last thing you want is the ladder to slide out and come crashing down on your brand-new car!

Low Investment, Big Reward!

You should be able to install workable ladder storage in less than an hour for no more than $20. Most people have plenty of overhead space in their garage. Put it to work for you with this simple DIY garage project.

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