How Childproof is Your Garage Door?

How-Childproof-is-Your-Garage-DoorKids will be kids, but garage doors are dangerous heavy objects. Childproofing your garage door is important to their safety. There are a number of safety features you should be sure your garage door has, especially if you have an older door. Avoid injuries, or even worse, fatalities, by childproofing your garage door and teaching your kids about safety.

Garage Door Auto Reverse

Modern garage doors have an auto reverse feature. Check to make sure yours does too. Any door installed after the early 90s is required to have it by law. Sensors are placed to detect if something is in the way — say an object or a running child or pet. The door will automatically reverse.

Older Door? Consider Photo Eye Sensors

If you do have an older door, you can set an auto reverse by installing photo eye sensors. These monitor movement and will cause the door to stop or reverse if something runs underneath.

Seal Door Panels

Little fingers are curious and they love cracks. Seal the door panel gaps with rubber seals to avoid injury. Custom seals can be designed if necessary. Talk to your local El Dorado Hills garage door company.

Lock Your Door

If you are concerned about younger children playing with your door, consider locking it from the inside. You could purchase automated locks you can unlock from your opener controller or a phone app when you need to open the door. This also provides added security against theft.

Reposition Your Door Opener

Kids are curious. Place the garage door opener in a place they cannot reach. You can also get locks and codes that prevent children from opening the door if they push the button.

Teach Garage Door Safety

Take your children aside and teach them how to be safe around the garage door. Teach them never to play on it or climb its components. Explain the danger of the springs and cables. Garage doors may inspire curiosity, but they are not toys. Go over the different parts with your children and explain the risks.

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