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How Childproof is Your Garage Door?

Kids will be kids, but garage doors are dangerous heavy objects. Childproofing your garage door is important to their safety. There are a number of safety features you should be sure your garage door has, especially if you have an older door. Avoid injuries, or even worse, fatalities, by childproofing your garage door and teaching […]

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Garage Door Spring Repair vs. Replacement

We get asked a lot if you should repair garage door springs or just replace them. Let’s do the math. Your average spring repair will run you about $100 to $200. Outright replacing them will cost $20 to $30 plus up to $180 in labor. And since garage doors tend to wear out in pairs, it really makes sense to replace both of them when you have a spring problem. You’ll spend about as much as you would to repair them. Save yourself the hassle and just get new springs. You’re essentially doing two jobs at the same time. Why repair when you might end up fixing them again soon?