Garage Space in Our Homes is the Most Underused Living Space

When we think of garage space, some people conjure up images of dark, dank cement floors and spiders. Not us. We see unlimited potential for some of the most creative living space in the entire home. Garage space is very unique because it is often large, open, and has the interesting feature of being about to open one entire wall to the outside world. This changes the whole dynamics of what is possible with airflow, sunlight, and space.

Let the Gains Begin

One of the most common and favorite uses of garage space is to build a home gym. It couldn’t be a more perfect setting. You usually have a floor that is nearly unbreakable – so, if you want to have drop weights – no problem. You want to pound the ground with a treadmill and not wake up your family? Again, no problem. And best of all – put that door halfway up to get some serious ventilation. Throw a sound system in there and you are ready to go!

The Social Hangout

The garage space is a great place to build a hangout space that doesn’t need to stay quite as tidy as the rest of the house. Throw a few furniture pieces, some lighting, a mini-fridge, and a modest entertainment system – and now you have yourself a sweet hangout spot. If it is a nice day, open that big door up and put a charcoal grill in the driveway. And the best part – those in the house proper are generally going to be safe from any excess noise.

Mining and Crafting

Yes, we know the stereotypical workshop is cliché, but only for good reason. The garage space is a great place to setup a workshop of any kind. This could range from a wood working tool bench to a recording studio. Build and craft whatever your heart desires.

These are just a few ideas and thoughts that hopefully inspire you to make something more out of your unused garage space. The sky is the limit!

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