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Garage Space in Our Homes is the Most Underused Living Space

When we think of garage space, some people conjure up images of dark, dank cement floors and spiders. Not us. We see unlimited potential for some of the most creative living space in the entire home. Garage space is very unique because it is often large, open, and has the interesting feature of being about […]

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Finding The Right Overhead Garage Door

It’s never the wrong time to replace your old garage door. Maybe you’re interested in a modern door that will boost your home’s value or perhaps the old overhead door is causing one too many problems. The modern garage door market is filled with a variety of options and styles that go beyond traditional and expected overhead designs. Many are springing for single-panel overhead doors for a more old-school look. Others are seeking a more rugged style, which makes side-hinged garage doors a perfect choice. Do some soul searching to figure out the perfect style that compliments your home and call one of our professionals to install your new overhead door.