Choosing the Best Grow Light for Starting Seedlings In Your Garage

Why Grow Plants in the Garage When You Live in California?

Most gardeners who overwinter or start plants in their garage are shielding their seedlings and prize succulents from harsh winters and below freezing temps. One of the best perks of gardening in California is allowing plants to flourish outdoors year round, without interrupting their growth by uprooting them in winter and shocking them with a less-desirable home indoors. There are a few cases, however, when making use of your garage is a great idea for your garden’s inhabitants. Finding a good grow light is a crucial step.

Starting Seeds with the Right Light

It’s common sense that seedlings and young plants require more attention and care — that’s why greenhouses are also called nurseries. While plenty of native seeds will do just fine sown directly in the ground, that method is better for fields of wildflowers that aren’t planned and precise. If you truly want an organized garden with perfectly placed plants, ensuring they survive their first months before planting can prevent you from having to rearrange things later. Seed trays are great because they allow you to easily water all your seedlings at once, and can be placed on a heating mat to expedite germination. VIVOSUN Durable Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat is a good choice. The perfect light for this situation, according to The Spruce (which is the best online resource for home and garden product reviews), is the Roleadro LED 75W Grow Light.

Because this light is a square panel as opposed to a bulb or gooseneck lamp, it distributes light perfectly above a seed tray. When placed 18-24 inches above the seedlings, it effectively nourishes seedlings and prevents them from stretching and becoming weak, like many do when they have to reach for their light source. Check out more tips for starting plants in your garage in our blog from spring 2016, Green Thumb? How to Grow Starter Plants in Your Garage Space

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