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Our 3 Favorite Eco Friendly WiFi Connected Garage Door Openers

If you’re thinking of installing a new door or garage door opener, here’s something to consider: a smart garage door opener is not only convenient; it can also save you money and is good for the earth. It’s surprising how many people don’t realize how eco-friendly a WiFi connected garage door is. After all, the […]

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Purchasing a New Garage Door Opener? 4 Factors to Consider

Thinking about installing a new garage door opener? It’s really only a matter of time. While most homeowners will only install a new garage door once or twice in their lifetimes, garage door openers are another story. Because they don’t last as long, say 10 to 15 years, they will likely need to install a […]

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What You Can Do with a Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart garage doors are game changing technology. Remember when the first garage door openers first rolled out? Suddenly teens around the world didn’t need to dive through the rain from the car to the garage every time the car rolled into the drive. WiFi garage doors increase our expectations of convenience in similar ways. It […]

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How to Speed Up a Slow Opening Garage Door

Garage doors are heavy objects we use every day, sometimes several times a day. It’s natural they’ll wear out. But the more we keep up on regular repairs and maintenance, the longer they’ll last. A slow garage door is one sign of more serious repair issues. Here’s how to tell if your garage door is […]

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5 Rules to Follow to Avoid Expensive Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors are amazing modern contraptions of convenience. When they work, we hardly think about them. One press of a button and the safety and the security of the garage opens before our very eyes. It’s one less thing we have to worry about as we leave for work and when we come home. It’s […]

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3 Garage Repairs to Cut Your Energy Bill & Save Money

Going green usually means making lifestyle changes that are good for the earth. But the flip side is that you can save money too. When it comes to your garage and garage door, there are several changes you can make that are friendly for the environment as well as your electric bill. Here are a […]

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Noisy Garage Door? 6 Steps to Quiet It Down

Have a noisy garage door? That can be so annoying. And it’s not like it’s making you any friends in the neighborhood. A noisy garage door could be a sign you need a completely new door. Some doors get old, rusty and just need replaced with a new garage door installation. But most likely the […]

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Unique Business Needs to Consider When Choosing an Overhead Door

Is your business considering an overhead commercial door? Realize that purchasing these types of doors is completely different than buying a residential door. As a business, you have certain cost considerations. Will the door need to be accessible to a semi or large truck? What kind of space constraints are you working with? What size do you need? Commercial doors come in all shapes and sizes. Many commercial spaces will need a custom door, which can get expensive. Plus you may be required to have a fire rated door to comply with federal or state safety regulations. These are steel doors that are specially fortified to withstand the heat as well as increase security protection.