5 Reasons You Should Insulate Your Garage Even in California

5 Reasons You Should Insulate Your Garage Even in California

Sure, insulating a garage door isn’t required by building code. It’s not exactly a safety issue. And since you look in El Dorado Hills, California, it’s not like your garage is going to get very cold. But there are some very good reasons you should insulate your garage and install an insulated garage door — even if you live in California. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to insulated garage doors.

Energy Savings

An insulated door doesn’t just keep the warm air inside — it keeps the hot air outside as well. California summers can get hot. And if your garage is attached to the house, an uninsulated garage and door can have an enormous impact on your cooling bill. By better controlling the temperature, your house will stay cool — which means big savings.


If you use your garage as an office, gym, yoga studio or entertainment space, an insulated garage can stay nice, cool and comfortable during the summer months. It’s just more enjoyable to be in. And since your garage is likely the largest room in the house, it can greatly expand your living space.

Less Noise

El Dorado Hills has a lot of traffic. An insulated door keeps the sounds of traffic and a busy neighborhood from disturbing your sense of peace and quiet at home. It makes a living space more relaxing. This can also be helpful if you have babies or young children at home. They’ll be less disturbed.

Protect Your Stuff

An insulated garage can better control temperature and humidity. This is an advantage of you use the garage for storage. Your stuff will be better protected through temperature control.

Home Value

The quality of your garage door and the comfort of your garage can have a big impact on resale value. In the end, it’s about home equity. When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll fetch a better price.

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