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Garage Door Repair: Why Did My Door Get Stuck?

It never fails. You’re running out the door, juggling coffee and your laptop, when you push the button to open your garage door and it gets stuck halfway — no sign of budging. Welcome to the world of emergency garage door repairs. Stubborn garage doors are common. They can get stuck for any number of […]

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Summer Preventative Maintenance for Overhead Garage Doors

Summer’s a great time to catch up on all the preventative maintenance on your overhead residential garage door you’ve been putting off. Start with an inspection of your hardware. Check the wheels, hinges, and springs. Is everything in working order? Do you notice any rust, slack or brittleness in the springs? Are the wheels starting to wear away? Next, go over every movable part with a lug wrench and tighten everything down. Take an approved garage door lubricant and oil all moving parts, especially the hinges and the chain. Don’t use WD40 as this can cause your garage door parts to prematurely rust. Open and close your garage door and pay attention to the motion. Does it open and close cleanly and efficiently? By keeping up on preventative garage door maintenance, you can lengthen the lifespan of your door.