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3 Risks to DIY Garage Door Repair

Sure, some garage door repairs fit into the DIY category if you’re fairly handy with tools and can Google it. But remember a garage door weighs hundreds of pounds. It raises and lowers with amazing ease because of the incredible tension in your torsion springs, a withheld force that also makes them extremely dangerous. Plus, […]

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Our Question on Garage Doors Repair: What Would You Rather Be Doing?

It’s the age-old question — should you repair your garage door yourself or call a professional service? That depends on innumerable factors, but perhaps just as relevant a question could be: How would you rather spend your Saturday afternoon? Trying to manage a lot of tricky garage door parts and components, some of which require special tools and will probably involve more frustration than you think, or kick back and relax the game with a nice cold one? We know what we’d answer, and we do garage doors for a living. The bottom line is you can look up instructions for pretty much anything on the Internet these days, including alligator taxidermy. But should you?