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It’s Wildfire Season! Is Your Family Prepared?

It’s wildfire season in El Dorado Hills. As the realities of climate change intensify, you can’t always assume your home is outside of the wildfire zone, even if you are in a city or suburban location or in any area that has never been hit by fires before. After what we saw in Santa Rosa, […]

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Why Won’t My Garage Open?

There are many reasons why your garage door refuses to open. It could be your cables have snapped or popped off. This could damage your car or be extremely dangerous if someone happens to be walking by at the time. Perhaps the sensitivity on the automatic opener is out of adjustment. This is pretty common when you’ve just installed a new opener onto an older door. Read the manufacturer’s instructions or look them up online to reset the settings. Your door may have come off track, which can happen if the track has become bent or if the door has simply jumped the track. It could be that your garage door has locked. You might not even realize it locks, but every garage door does. There is usually a locking knob or handle that can disengage the lock.