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Is Your Garage Still a Disorganized Mess? You Need These Shelves

In our recent blog, “Never Store These 8 Items in Your Garage,” we went over which items would be better off elsewhere, (hazardous materials, electronics, wooden furniture). There are still plenty of items: tools, toys, garden supplies, camping equipment and such, that are perfectly fine to store in your garage space. It can be easy […]

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Never Store These 8 Items in Your Garage

Wish your garage was better organized? Join the club. In a garage industry survey, 1 in 4 people reported being frustrated with the state of their garage — and these frustrations had little to do with garage door repair. Most people use their garages for storage, and the mess gets out of hand, fast. This […]

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Choose the Best Overhead Garage Door for Your Home

Are you looking for a new overhead garage door? Maybe you’re building a home, renovating one, or just need your broken garage door replaced? There are so many choices of garage doors nowadays, especially a conventional garage door that lifts vertically. But before you fall in love with anything, call your local garage door repair and installation company and have a professional come out to look at your garage. Tell him your needs and wants, then have him look at your garage door and its infrastructure. He can take his expertise, factor in your preferences and give you personalized advice to ensure you only have the best options on your shortlist for selecting your new garage door.